Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Super Hero

Since I have been dressing my children I have always been against "character" clothing, I always thought it as being cheap and just not stylish. Well then I discovered Gaps Junkfood tees and I slowly started allowing my little girl to wear some of her favorites. On a couple forums I frequent I recently seen a ton of hype over the newest Gap Junkfood line, after checking it out for myself I can see what all the hype was about, I am in love!!!! There is a ton of cute jeans, shirts and hoodies. After a little more searching I found a ton of super cute super hero inspired clothing.


Outfits from Baby Gap, Sadly these are only available in toddlers sizes, they left out the infants and big boys :(

Shoes by Converse sold at Journeys Kidz

But don't be sad, I found a few goodies for the smallest super heros


Superman Onesie by Hot Topic

Batman Tie Onesie by BKchic Boutique

Batman Pacifier Holder from Etsy
Batman Pjs by Old Navy

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