Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boy, Oh, Boy!!!

Never in a million years did I ever see myself as being mommy to a little boy. My whole life I always pictured myself as mommy to girls, with a house of pink and purple, barbies and baby dolls.
Well that all changed when I had my gender ultrasound with number 2, Bear was praying hard for a little boy to "carry on the family name". I was convinced it was another little girl. Well the minute the ultrasound tech said "look it here its a boy" my whole view on having a house full of girls changed instantly.
After getting over the initial shock of adding a little boy to our family, I started to search for boys fashions. I never thought that I would have half as much fun dressing my little guy (who had ended up with the nickname of Cubby), as I had with our daughter Mari. It took me a whole week before I discovered the world of boys fashions, and I have been obsessed and in love ever since.
If you ask me now which kid I have more fun shopping for I will tell you hands down I love shopping for my little guy. It's harder to find the clothing items that make my heart stop but when I do, the feeling is twenty times more rewarding.
So this will be my blog dedicated to all things boy, mostly towards fashion (because theres not alot of boys fashion blogs out there) with a little bit of other fun stuff thrown in there as well.

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