Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Little Prince

Just wanted to introduce my little guy. He is pretty well known on a few mommy loops and around FB as well. His name is Cubby, he is almost five months old. My little man was a preemie, he was two months early and weighed 3lbs when he was born and he his just now getting into some 0-3 month sized stuff so it felt like it took forever for him to be to fit in all the truly cute and fashionable stuff. He is now only 9 and a half pounds.

Styled by mommy. Vest is from Glamajamas, jeans are from Baby Gap and sneakers are from Converse.


Little Stinker

So its very rare that I fall head over heels in love with a Gymboree line, its just not something that tends to happen. I normally fall in love with pieces. Then they released the line "Baby Skunk", I immediately fell in love, I adore black and white on my little man and well, i'm sort of addicted to hoodies with animal faces and ears and this has the cutest little ears.

Heres a few pieces from the line, be sure to pick some up for your little stinker.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Converse Sale: Today Only

Today only Converse is offering 20% your purchase (including sale stuff) and free shipping. Chucks are a wardrobe staple in our house, and at these prices are a steal!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gymboree Back to School Sale

Gymboree has started their annual back to school sale. Although it seriously sucks for baby boy ($10 tees) there are some good deals to be had with kid boy.
Price Points include
Graphic Tees and Polos $6.99
Jeans $19.99
Outerwear, Sweaters, Pants, Tops 25% off
Backpack, shoes and Accessories 25% off

Happy Shopping

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Super Hero

Since I have been dressing my children I have always been against "character" clothing, I always thought it as being cheap and just not stylish. Well then I discovered Gaps Junkfood tees and I slowly started allowing my little girl to wear some of her favorites. On a couple forums I frequent I recently seen a ton of hype over the newest Gap Junkfood line, after checking it out for myself I can see what all the hype was about, I am in love!!!! There is a ton of cute jeans, shirts and hoodies. After a little more searching I found a ton of super cute super hero inspired clothing.


Outfits from Baby Gap, Sadly these are only available in toddlers sizes, they left out the infants and big boys :(

Shoes by Converse sold at Journeys Kidz

But don't be sad, I found a few goodies for the smallest super heros


Superman Onesie by Hot Topic

Batman Tie Onesie by BKchic Boutique

Batman Pacifier Holder from Etsy
Batman Pjs by Old Navy

The British Invasion

Seems that British inspired pieces are trending for fall, all of these pieces are available from . I'm loving all of these pieces and more, and since they aren't available in baby sizes i'm almost considering picking them up and putting them away for next fall for my little guy.


Deal Alert

Baby Gap is having a sale online, 35% your entire purchase. Now until 7/26.

Check out the Portobello Line!!! This is an awesome deal to pick up them must have pieces. Happy Shopping

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where do I shop?

I can't tell you how many times a day i get asked "where do you shop?" and since I live in a place that has only a few of the stores my kids tend to wear I usually answer the question with "ohhh i shop online" and try to leave it at that. If they tend to ask more questions then I will give them more of an explanation.
So where do I shop and why, well I shop at alot of different stores. I'll highlight a few of my favorites.

Baby Gap My love obsession with Baby Gap started around the time my daughter turned one, I loved their sassy style offerings and still to this day love baby gap for my little girl. I also fell in love with it for my little man, I have a slight obsession with their logo hoodies and I love all the hats, jeans, and sweaters they come out with.

I have always loved gymboree for their head to toe put together colorful, fun, and age appropriate looks. There is nothing cuter then a little man in head to toe gymboree.

NEXT I love NEXT for their unique spin on kids clothes, some of their stuff is to die for cute!!

The Childrens Place I love to shop childrens place because when they do put out cute pieces, they are super adorable.

77 Kids
The whole time I was pregnant, we would search high and low for the perfect outfits for my little man to match his daddy. Well we found that in 77 Kids, they take some of the more popular adult fashions and shrink them down into mini size. We love it!!!


Boy, Oh, Boy!!!

Never in a million years did I ever see myself as being mommy to a little boy. My whole life I always pictured myself as mommy to girls, with a house of pink and purple, barbies and baby dolls.
Well that all changed when I had my gender ultrasound with number 2, Bear was praying hard for a little boy to "carry on the family name". I was convinced it was another little girl. Well the minute the ultrasound tech said "look it here its a boy" my whole view on having a house full of girls changed instantly.
After getting over the initial shock of adding a little boy to our family, I started to search for boys fashions. I never thought that I would have half as much fun dressing my little guy (who had ended up with the nickname of Cubby), as I had with our daughter Mari. It took me a whole week before I discovered the world of boys fashions, and I have been obsessed and in love ever since.
If you ask me now which kid I have more fun shopping for I will tell you hands down I love shopping for my little guy. It's harder to find the clothing items that make my heart stop but when I do, the feeling is twenty times more rewarding.
So this will be my blog dedicated to all things boy, mostly towards fashion (because theres not alot of boys fashion blogs out there) with a little bit of other fun stuff thrown in there as well.